A hefty stable Steam Deck update gives the Dock a brand-new feature

Some of the biggest are ones we’ve already seen in a September beta, like support for VRR and HDR external displays, the ability to tweak your screen’s color and undervolt your processor with new firmware, and a graphics driver update with a big performance improvement for Starfield (though it still looks like mud in cities).

But there’s one thing on the list I didn’t expect: The update gives the official $79 Steam Deck Dock the new ability to support VRR external monitors itself. (Last I checked, the Steam Deck Dock page said “FreeSync support is in-progress, update is forthcoming”.)

Personally, I’m most excited by the ability to customize the MangoHud performance overlay to show what I want it to show. For example, I’d like a minimal version that’s just FPS, wattage, and battery life remaining.

There’s also “slightly improved sleep resume speed,” “Improved Bluetooth connection stability, especially with multiple controllers,” lots of KDE Plasma changes to how the Linux desktop mode looks and works, and much more.

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