Kaia Gerber Ports 1961 Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Ever since Karl Templer and Fabien Baron became the creative forces behind Ports 1961 back in 2020, we’ve been majorly obsessed with the brand’s advertising campaigns. After all, we’re fans of almost everything by Steven Meisel. Campaigns have featured the crème de la crème of the modeling world from Jessica Fennix and Sacha Quenby to Rianne Van Rompaey and Achenrin Madit. For Spring 2022, Kaia Gerber reappears as the face of the brand going solo this season striking several poses in the studio against a gray backdrop.

Ports 1961 S/S 2022 : Kaia Gerber by Steven Meisel


The end result failed to impress our forum members, however. “I expected to be blown away, but I must admit that I am not. Punk glam has never been my sort of thing, I much preferred the past couple of campaigns Meisel did for the brand,” shared aracic.

“Did Meisel have a fight with his set designer or something? Every shoot from him these days is the same plain gray studio background,” Marc10 pointed out.

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“Another awful campaign from Meisel,” echoed avonlea002.

“Tremendously insipid,” described an underwhelmed helmutnotdead.

“What are those poses? I’m sorry, but this whole thing looks like amateur hour,” proclaimed tipi1355.

“The hair is atrocious and the poses are so America’s Next Top Model. I love Kaia (and I used to think Meisel has always brought the best out of her), but this is so weak…” critiqued guimon.

“Not the most visually arresting Ports 1961 advertising campaign I’ve seen Steven Meisel photograph, but despite the somewhat tame and unimaginative outcome, I still find myself appreciating this because I am like a moth to a flame for Meisel’s studio shoots — and Kaia Gerber!” confessed vogue28.

Ports 1961 S/S 2022 : Kaia Gerber by Steven Meisel


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