Peter Parker & Miles Morales Team Up Spider-Man Comic

Even before Miles Morales got brought over to the main Marvel universe by way of Secret Wars to hang out with Peter Parker more easily, it was a given that the two Spider-Men would eventually team up on adventures. And while they’ve saved New York and the world several times in various comic events or certain other media, they haven’t actually gotten a chance to share an ongoing series.

That’s finally set to change with a new series fittingly dubbed Spectacular Spider-Men. As the trailer below shows, the book will aim to give Spider-Man fans what they’ve been asking for years now: Peter and Miles swinging around New York, teaming up to fight their respective bad guys and learning from one another. The series comes courtesy of writer Greg Weisman (who co-created the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon with Victor Cook) and artist Humberto Ramos, and will kick off with the two heroes going up against the Jackal.

Spectacular Spider-Men | Offical Trailer | Marvel Comics

“I’m so thrilled to be writing Spidey again, and the fact that I get to write both Spideys, together, makes the gig doubly sweet,” Weisman said in Marvel’s announcement. In the early run of the book, Miles will be “trying really hard to show his maturity to his mentor Peter, while the older Pete feels free to let out his inner 16-year-old with Miles.” But as the story unfolds, the two Spider-Men will evolve their relationship to becoming actual partners, as we’ve recently seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. “There’s a bit of role reversal to the normal mentor-protege relationship than one might expect to see. […] What we’re seeing here is the evolution from mentor and protegee to them simply being good friends.”

With Spider-Man 2 having shown how well the two Spiders play off one another, and Marvel itself not having much in the way of a dynamic duo comic, Spectacular is coming at the right time. Even beyond the game and the two Spider-Verse movies, the last handful of Spider-Man cartoons (see Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and even the Amazing Friends series for toddlers) have positioned Peter and Miles as an efficient pair. The live-action movies haven’t gotten there yet, but one suspects that will start to change as Sony works to capitalize on Miles’ breakout success.

Image: Humberto Ramos/Marvel

The Spectacular Spider-Men will kick off with its first issue March 6, 2024.

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