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Self-made, and transformative with a distinct eye for fashion, John Pack debuted his first Ready-to-Wear collection entitled “BiCoastal Luxury Sport,” that’s forging the future of luxury fashion in an innovative and brilliant way.

Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, Pack, who goes by the name “BiCoastal Pack,” originated his line in 2014 designing custom pieces. He’s now stepping into a new territory, creating his latest RTW line that will soon be accessible to clients everywhere.

“I consider our brand to be luxury sport so it’s a mix of luxury and upscale designs,” said Pack. “If we’re designing something formal, I always feel like in some way we want to add a sporty element which is our design aesthetic.”

BiCoastal Pack has come along way, from teaching his self how to sew over a decade ago, to presenting his first Ready-to-Wear line to fans, friends and family alike.

With a high fashion urban appeal, his “BiCoastal Luxury Sport” collection consisted of ultra saturated shades, eye-popping prints and the finest textiles.

“When it comes to my designs, I try to find materials that are versatile and can be manipulated,” explained Pack. “For my show, I used a fabric called “Mikado”that has a rich texture and is appeasing to the eye.”

From shirts, and blazers to trousers, and jumpsuits, we saw mikado fabric used in the most intricate way including menswear that had color blocking tops and cut out hems.

BiCoastal Pack’s embroidered bomber coat with the matching mask was an instant hit, and his lamb skin leather and suede shorts proved to be a fan favorite.

When it came down to being on trend this season, he chose to partake in the red monochromatic trend by featuring a red lace-up bodysuit that was layer with an asymmetrical skirt, in addition to a red two-piece trouser set.

“I am constantly looking to re-establish myself, and one of my goals is to show at the Bomb Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week,” expressed Pack.

From sporty chic, and boxy silhouettes, to crystal embellished evening wear that perfectly shimmered and glimmered down the runway, BiCoastal Pack showcased versatility within his line that demonstrated his extraordinary craftsmanship.

“In the next 5 years, I see myself on a higher level, and designing a Ready-to-Wear line that will by then be manufactured,” expressed BiCoastal Pack.” I hope to have our line consistently shown during New York Fashion week and ultimately flourishing.”

There’s no doubt that BiCoastal Pack will leave a lasting impact on the fashion industry with his latest collection that exuded luxury and jaw-dropping designs. We look forward to seeing how he will continue to leave his mark with his stunning avant-garde designs.

Photographer Credit:
Slawfie Fie: @slawfiephotos/@TipWitDaClipz


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