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FRESH, by Houston White is all about self care and creating a lifestyle that generates a daily routine that’s easy for their target audience to adapt to.

“FRESH by Houston White,” newest collection skincare and personal care products was designed to take their target audience from morning to night with unparalleled freshness and innovation. Designed with quality in mind, The FRESH brand’s packaging includes a unique QR code linking to Founder, Houston White’s personal playlist of high and calming music vibes to align with their newest “get up” and “get down” products.

Available for purchase, ‘FRESH’ is not only made with quality but is also affordable making their products easy to purchase and the self care lifestyle accessible for their audience. Here are the top products you can add now to your daily routine to build your personal care routine.

FRESH by Houston White Clarifying Face Scrub($8.99):

FRESH By Houston White

This face scrub is pumped with matcha tea polyphenols, tea tree oil for the ultimate cleanse, and a vibrant pop of peppermint. With vibrating notes of green tea, mint, and even that fresh-cut grass scent, you will want to use this on the daily.  

FRESH by Houston White Moisturizing Shampoo ($8.99):

FRESH By Houston White

This revolutionary shampoo features coconut oil to hydrate the hair shaft, shea for a butter boost and everyone’s favorite: apricot oil to strengthen hair so it can power through a day of dancing. Scented with notes of apricot, almond, and coconut for a delightful smell and ultimate moisture.  

FRESH by Houston White Deep Conditioner($8.99):

FRESH By Houston White

This deep conditioner is formulated with apricot oil for strong individual hair strands, cocoa butter for rich conditioning, and shea butter to enhance the boost of your bounce. Packed with scent notes of cypress, musk, and sandalwood so you can let your hair rock in this FRESH woodsy forest. Use after cleansing with FRESH by Houston White Moisturizing Shampoo for optimal results.  

FRESH by Houston White Get Up 3N1 Wash for Scalp, Hair, Body($9.99):

FRESH By Houston White

Covering scalp, hair, and body, this Get Up 3N1 Wash features a caffeine kick, soothing aloe vera, and invigorating orange oil. Ideal for morning use, the Get Up 3N1 Wash features notes of orange, cedar, and coconut. 

FRESH by Houston White Get Up Body Lotion($8.99):

FRESH By Houston White

This soothing body cream can be best paired following the Get Up 3N1 Wash to lock in and absorb for ultimate moisture. Made with caffeine to wake up the skin’s senses, aloe vera, and shea butter, along with scented notes of orange, cedar, and coconut. The FRESH by Houston White Get Up Body Lotion will work to awaken your skin and prepare it for hours of luscious moisture and shine.  

FRESH by Houston White Get Down Body Lotion($8.99):

FRESH By Houston White

Nourish your skin with this rich body lotion infused with soothing aloe oil, calming lavender, and moisturizing coconut oil. Featuring scented notes of cypress, musk, and sandalwood, the FRESH by Houston White™ Get Down Body Lotion calms the skin leaving a creamy and luxurious finish.  

Bombshells, which FRESH product would you splurge on?


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